Water treatment/Water softeners

BBW water softeners from Agrotherm S.A. 

Protects your plumbing, your dishwasher, washing machine, water heater, faucets and pipelines, as well as your sanitary facilities, bathtubs the misdeeds of limestone,And your skin! 


A water softener protects your plumbing, your dishwasher, washing machine, water heater, and pipes, as  well as your sanitary facilities and bathtubs from the harmful effects of limescale. water, a softener increases the efficiency of your water heater. The water temperature increases more quickly, you reduce the energy  consumption of your water heater by up to 30%.Thanks to a water softener, your household appliances have a better longevity. shampoos and soaps lather more and your skin is softer. You  reduce your energy costs as well as your consumption of detergent products. your laundry and your clothes have more shine


Improve he taste and smell of tap water. Your hot and cold drinks will regain their full aroma. Your ice cubes are of great purity. And above all, no more purchasing and hassle of bottled water! You reduce your expenses as well as your ecological footprint. From the osmosis unit to the filtration unit, the wide range of treatment of water  BBW from Agrotherm S.A.  SystemsFilter  and purifies your water for better comfort !
Type of regeneration: Proportional to water consumption: the softener takes into account the hardness of the water and the evolution of consumption Advantage type of regeneration: Allows you to save water and salt. Equipped with the Intelligent Consumption technology to optimize salt and water consumption. The  BBW softener from Agrotherm S.A.  Systems  is also equipped with a salt deficiency indicator and a resin sanitizer made  Germany. 
LET’S WORK TOGETHER. Act to leave to  future   generations a healthy planet where life is good, we need each  We can all  agrier. 

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